1. Bad Love

From the recording Bad Love

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Produced By Justine Blazer<br>
Mixed by Justine Blazer<br>
Mastered by Justine Blazer <br>
Band tracking engineer: Bobby Holland - Pentavarit - Nashville, TN<br>
Vocal producer/engineer: Justine Blazer Ten7Teen Studios - Nashville, TN<br>
Electric guitar by Lou Molitch, Justin Ostrander<br>
Pedal steel by Smith Curry<br>
Bass by Tim Marks<br>
Drums by Wes Little <br>
Acoustic guitar by Mike Waldron <br>
Keys by Luke Moseley<br>
BGVs by Justine Blazer<br>
Cover Art photo by Mexx Heart


You were my everything 
My whole world and my whole life 
Trusted every part of you 
No longer did I see the light

Cuz you broke my soul, filled with despair
I thought you were the one that would always be there 
You were my everything 
My whole world and my whole life 

Love can turn bad
Or Love can be right
Either way it takes me
I put up a fight 
Whatever I do just know that I won't
Be traveling down this road alone 
I turned a bad love, turned a bad love
Bad love, in to a good thing

The love that you showed me
Were only little lies instead
Darkness surrounding
With innocent minds to spare 

A thousand tears hiding all the fears
Something sparked for all the see 
No love did you show me
Were only little lies instead